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Quality policy of CHR. BOZNOS & SON SA

The Company's Management has developed its Quality Policy with a focus on product management and on the provision of quality services, using effective ways of fulfilling its obligations to its customers so that it is always competitive.

CHR. BOSNOS AND SON SA through its Quality Policy undertakes to:

  • Market and manage high quality products.
    Deliver orders at the desired time and with full coverage of the requirements of its customers.
    Take the necessary measures to comply with the legal requirements regarding the products marketed, the safety of employees and, more generally, the operation of the company.
    Provide all the resources necessary for both the provision of services and the preservation of the integrity of customer-owned products.
    Cover all privacy issues relating to any intellectual or commercial property of a customer.
    Provide full coverage of all requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
    Develop conditions of mutual trust and cooperation with its suppliers.
    Constantly monitor and align with the developments of its industry.
  • Effectively address and satisfy the existing and anticipated needs of employee training, qualification and specialization in the company.
    Allocate the necessary resources to maintain and improve the efficiency of the Company's Quality System.
    Be able to collect operational and performance results for the purpose of setting Quality objectives, the accomplishment of which is reviewed at regular intervals.

The tool through which the company implements, verifies and adjusts, where necessary, its Quality Policy is the Quality System it has developed and implements. The validity and recognition of the Quality System is achieved through its certification by an Independent Certification Body in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2015.

CHR. BOSNOS AND SON SA considers necessary the active participation of its employees in the observance, development and documentation of all the processes required by the Quality System. All employees in the company contribute to the effective implementation and improvement of the quality system.

Quality policy is communicated to all staff.


Charalampos Charalampopoulos,