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Service for Electric Hoists

Since January 2007, we have officially undertaken the technical support of HOFFMANN Company's Liftket and Star-Liftket hoists which we market exclusively in Greece and Cyprus. We have a complete range of spare parts for current models and for some older ones. Our company provides free telephone support to solve customer problems immediately. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we can send our technician or have the hoist sent to our facility for inspection. The visiting Technician compiles a Technical Support sheet to let the client know when the visit was made, how much it cost and what the outcome was. 

Our technicians are trained in Germany, at the central premises of HOFFMANN and are equipped with all the necessary tools and spare parts for repairs or alterations. All work is performed at the head office of our company in Piraeus.

In summary, the services we provide are:

• Installation of hoists according to customer requirements. 
• Control and preventive maintenance of the hoists.
• Repair of hoists and immediate replacement of damaged items using spare parts that are always available in our warehouse.
• Conversions on hoists according to the requirements of each customer (change of hoist height, change from fixed hoist to hoist with electric trolley or push trolley, etc.).