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Through the experience we have gained after many years representing SEW-EURODRIVE, we have come to believe that preventive maintenance of machinery is the safest and most certain way to minimize the risk of unexpected damage. This damage usually translates into financial loss. For this reason, our company, besides the inspection and repair service for electronics, offers you the service of preventive maintenance of gear units, motors and brakes for SEW-EURODRIVE products.
The tasks performed are:
Visual inspection of the system (gear unit, engine, brake).
Cleaning of the gear unit from dirt and dust to determine if there is any problem. Recording of the type and serial number of each gear unit for customer records and future use for spare parts ordering or replacement. Opening and cleaning of the brake, checking for worn spots and adjusting the brake for smooth and trouble-free operation. Optional replacement of worn parts. In case of oil leakage from a gear unit, it is indicated to the customer and either the oil is supplemented by the crew until the gear unit is removed and repaired or, if the customer has a backup gear unit, it is replaced on the spot, the replacement unit is switched on and its proper operation is verified.

Oil replacement in the gear units. The oil can be purchased by the customer or brought by our crew. These tasks can be performed at regular intervals or extraordinary times upon request. The work is performed at your site. After each visit, you receive a report of the work performed on each electric gear unit and if necessary we will quote you for the replacement of the damaged electric gear unit and spare parts.

The crew can also visit the site on weekends.

We are at your service.