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New repair and maintenance department of our company SEW-EURODRIVE for electric gear units
Immediate Repair Service

Factory quality repair
This is a repair, maintenance and reconstruction program for SEW-EURODRIVE electric gear units, which helps save while providing all the benefits of guaranteed factory work.

Major savings
When you need a repair, just contact us. Let us know the type and number of your electric gear unit and the application in which it is installed. We will offer you a fixed and competitive price for its repair, from which you will make significant savings compared to a third-party repair. In addition, we will help you decide whether this repair or the purchase of a new electric gear unit is advantageous.
Do not settle
Your electric gear unit will be repaired by qualified personnel who know how it was made from the beginning and will only use genuine SEW-EURODRIVE manufacturer spare parts.

We offer:

A. Repair and maintenance in our workshop.
Our workshop is equipped with all the special tools needed to repair your electric gear unit.
We clean and inspect the gear unit to detect any damage, and then we report the repair costs to get your approval.
We check all mechanical parts (gears, bearings, seals etc.) and replace the worn ones.
Replace your engine rotor and stator if damaged or worn. We do not repair the windings of the engine in order to avoid reducing its performance.
We check and adjust the brake, if any, and replace the worn parts (splined shaft, brake disc, brake plate, springs, rectifier, etc.)
We check the encoder - resolver and replace them if they are damaged and then we align them.
If during the repair process we find anything that may cause a malfunction of the gear unit (e.g. wrong lubricant), we will inform you to take action in the future.
After the repair and maintenance work is completed, we will test your gear unit according to SEW-EURODRIVE's standards.

Specifically, we check the following:

  1. The oil level      
  2. Any oil leaks      
  3. The reduction relationship     
  4. The engine phase balance      
  5. All electrical parts      
  6. The proper functioning of the brake

Finally, if necessary we will repaint your gear unit and archive any changes we have made so that we can know at any time the repair and maintenance work carried out.

B. Repair and maintenance at your site.
We clean your gear unit as much as possible of dirt, dust, and foreign matter.
We perform a visual and acoustic inspection of all parts of the gear unit, engine, and brake system.
We open and clean the brake, check for any signs of wear and adjust the brake for smooth and trouble-free operation.
If necessary, we replace worn fittings.
We replace gear unit oils. Oils may have been purchased by you or brought by our crew.
If we detect an oil leak from a part of the gear unit, we will immediately inform you and refill the oil until the gear unit is removed for repair. We record thoroughly the details of all your gear units and of the work performed, so both you and we can make use of them in the future.

No more surprises
When we complete the repair and maintenance of your gear units, they will work again as new, as the whole process is carried out by qualified personnel using specialized tools and genuine spare parts. In addition, all replacement parts are backed by a one-year warranty.

Contact us
Please contact us for any additional information you would like to know about our new repair and maintenance department of SEW-EURODRIVE electric gear units, by sending an e-mail at and by calling at 210 4225134 for Piraeus, and 2310 705400 for Thessaloniki.
We would also like to remind you that since 2007, a department of repairs and programming for the SEW-EURODRIVE electronic components (inverters and accessories) with corresponding factory specifications has been operating in our company.