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SEW-EURODRIVE GearOil Lubricants for gear units

SEW-EURODRIVE has more than 87 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of gear units. With millions of drives in the field SEW has extensive knowledge of tribological expertise. Based on this experience and after countless hours of testing the Premium lubricants were designed with a specific formulation.

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SEW-GearOil can be ordered for gear units as a first fill as well as bought separately with part numbers in canister or drum.

Why shoud you use SEW GearOil?

- SEW GearOil is a premium-quality lubricant produced with a specific SEW recipe

- Our own recipe, the usage of  high quality base material and additives as well as the separate logistic ensures a permanent top-quality 

- Minimizes wear and therefore extends the lifetime of lubricant and sealings

- Compared to conventional lubricants, SEW GearOil has an up to 50% longer service life

- SEW-GearOil increases gear efficiency

- Protects against corrosion and destructive foaming of the lubricant

- All SEW GearOil premium lubricants are tested according to SEW top-quality oil testing specification No. 07004 03 13

Protect your valuable gearboxes with original SEW GearOil !

- SEW approved quality GearOils can be ordered as an option for the gearbox first oil fill

- No time-consuming search for suitable lubricants.

- Just order the best available lubricant together with other spare parts from SEW-EURODRIVE

- For service and maintenance worldwide availability in canister and barrel

- Available in 20-/5-liter canister or 205-liter barrel

- No failure, leakage or damage because of wrong oil choice

- Outstanding gear performance is guaranteed with SEW GearOil

From the first operation and for every maintenance choose only the original SEW GearOil !

SEW GearOil Base   

 GearOil Table1 Mineral

SEW GearOil Poly

 GearOil Table2 synthetic

SEW GearOil Synth

 GearOil Table3

Up to 50% longer service life


SEW Grease

SEW Grease

- Special grease for highly stressed parts

- High thermal and mechanical stability

- Excellent corrosion and wear protection

- Nonaging

- Suitable for all bearings and sealing inside gear unit and all sealing inside motor with subject to high loads

- Handy 500g cartridges