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New heavy industry department in Boznos company CHR.

BOZNOS & SON SA decided to separate a large industrial category, the one engaging with special structures and high horsepower and torque requirements, from the basic types and create a new department for that category. The head of the department is Mr. Georgios Nasiokas. 


The new department deals exclusively with:
• SEW-EURODRIVE HIS (Heavy Industrial Solutions - Industrial gear units)
• VOITH (Hydraulic couplers), BHS (revolution multipliers))
• GALVI (Industrial brakes)
• KTR SYSTEMS (Increased torque connection couplers)
• JAURE (Increased torque connection couplers)

Mr. Georgios Nasiokas has graduated from the Department of Engineering of the Technical Educational Institute of  Serres and has obtained his MSc in Mechanical Engineering: Manufacturing & Management of the Open University of England (UKOU). He has been with CHR. BOZNOS & SON SA since 2003, initially as a sales engineer, then after 2012 as Sales Manager for Northern Greece & the Balkan countries, while since January 2018 he has taken over the new heavy industry department for the markets of Greece, Cyprus, Skopje, Albania and Kosovo.


SEW Sales Grau  SEW Service Grau

SEW Sales Grau          SEW Service Grau

Do you need extremely high torque for extremely long movements? SEW-EURODRIVE has the right drive technology ready for you. Our industrial gear units combine strength, quality and durability. These compact high power units control your work without problems, even under difficult and demanding conditions. This includes the transportation and processing of raw materials as well as of energy, timber, for mineral industries and the production process. The industrial gear units of SEW-EURODRIVE meet all the technical requirements in each of these areas of application. The industrial gear units of the company are available in the following series:

Helical and helical-bevel gears
• Series X
• Series Μ1..Ν
• Series MC
• Series MD
Planetary (with pre-reductions)
• Series P
• Series PX
• Series X-P
Segmented Girth Gears

SEW ig


Logo Voith

Voith Company is a global technology company. With a broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, the company has set the standard in the energy, oil and gas, paper, raw materials and transport markets. In the field of industry, VOITH TURBO can provide a wide range of products for a variety of applications:

• Fluid Couplings
• Torque Limiting Couplings
• Universal Joint Shafts
• Hirth Couplings
• Highly Flexible Couplings
• Diaphragm Couplings
• Turbo Gear Units




GALVI logo

industrial brakes and fittings widely used in cranes, hoists and various types of machines and installations used in the steel industry, shipyards, cement and paper industry, power plants, and waste management, conveyor belts, tire mixers and human transport stations. Specifically, the company sells the following products:

• Shoe brakes
• Disk brakes
• Couplings with brake drum/disc
• Thrusters
• Elastic buffers for cranes