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Warner Electric is one of the world leading manufacturers of electromagnetic brakes and clutches.

Warner Electric was founded in 1927 and was originally named Warner Electric Brake Company. The company developed their first electromagnetic brake for use in trailer houses. Soon, approximately 75% of all trailer houses were equipped with Warner brakes!

After the end of World War 2, Warner understood the constantly growing needs of the industrial environment and developed their first industrial electromagnetic brake which was used in high speed lathes. After further development of electromagnetic technology, Warner also designed electromagnetic clutches, primarily focusing on torque control. After 1960, Warner Electric products were found in a great number of industrial applications such as large printing machines, packing machines, conveyor belts and many others.

Utilizing the company’s long experience and know how, Warner has developed a series of products which cover a wide range of industrial, agricultural and transportation applications.

These include electromagnetic brakes, electromagnetic clutches, magnetic headsets for bottling machines, controllers for clutch and brakes for even greater precision and others.

All Warner products are designed to be almost maintenance free. Products are supported for many years and it is possible to order spare parts separately in order to properly maintain your brake/clutch and keep it running as smooth as possible for many years.

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