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Columbus McKinnon is the world's leading supplier of equipment for lifting, towing and hanging loads.

With a successful tradition of 140 years, the group focuses on meeting the ever-increasing demands in the industry with excellent quality products, services and processes, thus ensuring maximum safety at work.

The German company Yale has been a reliable partner of the Columbus McKinnon group for over a decade. Yale is the leading brand for lifting equipment in Europe. As early as 1877, Yale produced the first electric chain hoist using a Weston-type brake motor - a design principle still in use today. Following the acquisition in 2008 of Pfaff-silberblau, also a German company specializing in lifting cranes, the group can cover almost any lifting need.

Today, the two brands Yale and Pfaff-silberblau are part of the Columbus McKinnon group. This allows us to offer a complete product range for many demanding applications.

The complete range of Columbus McKinnon products includes electric and manual hoists and winches, electric hoists, electric and manual load-carrying and lifting hand pallet trucks, crane weights, hydraulic lifting systems, lifting / lashing equipment such as straps and gripping equipment, grips and gripping systems.

YALE products with the characteristic yellow color, which are delivered ready for operation, are used worldwide for the most diverse industrial and commercial applications.

Pfaff-silberblau - the name of this company with its long tradition and history of over 140 years has become synonymous of strength and safety.

Cordless winches as well as Pfaff-silberblau rack and sprocket jacks are used where loads must be lifted, rotated or moved in an environment with increased safety requirements.

In the supply chain, industrial production or outdoor applications, the group's innovative products and specially designed items provide the solution to many lifting applications - as standard products, custom solutions or as integrated systems.

Experience, know-how and innovative strength combined with an extensive understanding of user requirements is the recipe for success on which the lifting product portfolio was based.

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